St. Louis’ #1 and most affordable Photo Booth

The Booths

Four Styles to Choose From

You can choose our enclosed curtain style booth, our super-sleek open air booth, the open air booth with an elegant white enclosure or our rustic booth!
Any one of them would be a fantastic edition to your event!

The Best Favor

Guests will walk away with fun and creative prints. We include unlimited color, black & white, and custom prints.

Multiple Copies Available

If there are 8 people in the booth… we can print copies for everyone!

Quality Photos

We offer archival quality photos on a professional grade dye-sub printer.

Lightning Fast Printing

Our prints come out in 10 seconds. Faster printing means more fun for your guests.

Tiny Footprint

Our booths only need a 3 x 5 space. We can also fit through any doorway or up and down any set of stairs. Can also accommodate larger groups! Handicapped Accessible.


We want the booth to be part of your event. Our booth is meant to blend in to not take away from everything else but still draw the proper attention.


We use DSLR cameras for our booths. We want nothing but the best!