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Laughing through tears

I had a photo booth at a 25th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Everyone was having a great time with the photo booth as always. People were laughing, getting cute pictures with family, and being very silly. The person who booked me thanked me profusely and told me that the booth was worth every nickel and then some. Her father in particular was really enjoying the booth, photo bombing and cutting up with his daughters.

I talked to her the next day and she thanked me again and told me that earlier in the week, her uncle had passed away and that his funeral was the next day. They had been mourning and planning his funeral all week. This was the only time she’d seen her father smiling and laughing since his only brother died unexpectedly.

I was honored to be there with them in that space. I was struck by the role that the photo booth played – a brief respite from sorrow, permission to smile again. We never know what those around us are going through. I had no idea at the time that this family was dealing with this tremendous loss, but I’m glad to have provided them with a moment of peace in a time of tragedy.

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